Daily Makeover - Celebrity Hair - Celebrity Skin


Daily Makeover is a unique service where you have the opportunity to actually see how a celebrity or chosen hairstyle would look like on yourself.


Simply choose a style, colour of hair, face shape or upload your own photo and play to your hearts content.


Headlines are not associated to Daily Makeover in any way but Headlines Hair & Beauty Salon love this facility and service so if there's a style or colour that you'd like after viewing on the website let one of our staff know and we can have a look at making your perfect chosen style.


Check-out Daily Makeover today.

BEFORE       -       AFTER


Celebrity Makeover Gives you the opportunity to change your Hairstyle and see just what it would look like without having to make changes to your own hair.


Celebrity Makeover also gives you the option for Beauty and Make-up changes. Headlines can provide all services for Beauty and chosen hairstyles of your choice.

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